• What Are The Different Charges That Can Come From A Domestic Dispute?

    If you get involved in a domestic dispute, there are a number of different charges that you can receive. Each one carries a different set of consequences, so how you approach each one is different. Obstructing a Police Officer Obstructing a police officer or obstruction of justice is a common charge from a domestic dispute. The charge isn't actually about the dispute itself but how you interacted with the police officer.
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  • Should You Plead Guilty To A Traffic Ticket?

    When you get a traffic ticket, you have the option to mail in a guilty plea with a payment for the fine or go to court. Whether this is a good idea depends on the consequences of the ticket you received. Fine Only Some tickets only have a fine. They don't affect your insurance or add points to your license. Once you pay the full amount of the fine, the ticket will never affect you again.
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