• Going Through A Divorce? The Importance Of Having A Child Custody Attorney

    Getting a divorce can take a serious toll on you. Not only do you have to remove the physical cords that bind the two of you together through shared assets, but you also have to unravel the emotional connections which might still be as strong as ever. During the divorce process, you also have to determine who will have primary custody of the children. This can be a very tumultuous decision because both of you are probably extremely attached to your offspring.
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  • Tips For Defending False Criminal Accusations

    If someone has falsely accused you of a crime, don't rely on the fact of your innocence alone to set you free. Use the following tips to help you prove that fact: Document Everything Start to document everything the moment you realize the authorities suspect you of a crime or you are under investigation. Human memory is fickle, and if you don't document everything, you may later forget information crucial to your defense.
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