Tips For Defending False Criminal Accusations

Posted on: 30 April 2019

If someone has falsely accused you of a crime, don't rely on the fact of your innocence alone to set you free. Use the following tips to help you prove that fact:

Document Everything

Start to document everything the moment you realize the authorities suspect you of a crime or you are under investigation. Human memory is fickle, and if you don't document everything, you may later forget information crucial to your defense. For example, if you have been accused of embezzlement, document all the expenditures or finances that have passed through your hands. Keep a journal in which you jot down everything related to the case.

Preserve Evidence

It also makes sense to preserve evidence, whether the evidence makes you seem guilty or innocent. You will need the evidence to provide the whole picture of your actions to defend yourself. For example, if you have been accused of rape after a consensual encounter, don't get rid of the photos you had taken with your accuser.

Don't Resist Arrest

Don't resist arrest, argue with the police, or give the police a difficult time in any way when they come for you. Resisting arrest will complicate life for you in two main ways. First, resisting arrest is a crime on its own and you will face the charges even if the court finds you innocent of the original charge. Secondly, resisting arrest makes you look 'bad' in the eyes of the authorities, which includes the judge who will handle your case.

Be Honest

It is the prosecutor's job to prove that you committed a crime -- it is not your duty to prove that you are innocent. If you have truly done nothing wrong, then complete honesty will be your best defense. Don't lie to the police, judge, prosecutor, or lawyer even if you think lying can get you off the hook fast.

For example, if you are facing sexual assault accusations after a consensual sexual encounter, don't deny that you weren't even there in the first place. Instead, acknowledge your presence and then prove how the encounter was consensual. If you lie and the authorities unearth the lie (which is highly likely), they may begin to doubt your whole story, which only makes matters more difficult for you.

Consult a Defense Lawyer

Lastly, it is not only the guilty that need a lawyer; even innocent people need lawyers to defend them. A criminal defense attorney will help you gather the evidence you need, coordinate witness testimony, and ensure the authorities respect your rights, among other things. The criminal justice system is complicated for the public; a lawyer will help simplify the process for you.


Proving My Side Of The Story

After struggling with my life for a few years, I simply found myself in the wrong place with the wrong person. Before I knew it, a criminal act was proceeding, and we were all interrupted when the cops came rolling in. It was incredibly frustrating, but I knew that I was innocent. However, I was taken to jail, so I started looking for a lawyer from behind bars. I was able to find a great criminal attorney who really understood what I needed, and it was nice to feel like someone was on my side. After a long road, I was able to prove my innocence. Check out this site to learn how attorneys can help.



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