What Happens If You Get A Traffic Violation?

Posted on: 3 January 2018

There are some moving violations or traffic violations where the officer involved in the situation can use their discretion as to whether or not they are going to give you a ticket. For example, if you get caught speeding, depending on how fast you were going and where you were, the police officer may give you a warning, especially if you were only going a few miles over the speed limit and weren't in a residential or school area. However, there are some things where you are going to get a ticket, no matter what. One of those things is if you were to pass a school bus when the stop arm is out. 

Stopping for School Buses

Whenever a school bus opens its doors, its stop arm is designed to automatically come out as well. That arm is the stop sign on the driver's side of the bus. There are also lights on the back, sides, and front of the bus, as well as occasionally on the stop arm, to draw your attention. By law, you are to stop if you see that arm come out, no matter what side of the street you are on. There are some exceptions to that, for example, if you were on a divided street with a very large median in between the two sides of the road, you likely don't have to stop. Stopping for the school bus includes having to stop if you were to turn on the road that the school bus is on if you are turning towards the bus, even if it is at a stop light and you have the right of way. At that point, you should just wait for the stop arm to go down before you try to turn in that direction. 


If you do get a ticket for this, you likely have a court date where you will have to appear. When you go to court, there will probably be a prosecutor from the city there to talk to the judge about your case. You can take an attorney who specializes in traffic violations with you when you go to court. You always the option to have an attorney defend you. The attorney may be able to get you a lower fine or show that you did not, in fact, pass the school bus, or you didn't have to stop in that area. 

If you get a moving violation or a traffic violation, then there are things that you can do. Contact a laawyer, like R. Patrick McPherson Attorney At Law, for help.


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