Four Reasons To Seek Out The Help Of A DWI Attorney

Posted on: 17 January 2018

While you may not need a DWI attorney in every situation, it's definitely helpful in some specific cases where help is most needed. Here are four specific reasons counsel is highly recommended:

You Injured Someone: If you have injured someone as the result of drinking and driving, you will definitely want legal representation for the simple reason that at this point, your DWI charge becomes a felony automatically in most states. Once you are charged with a felony, the consequences you are facing are much higher. Your DWI attorney can help to reduce these charges as much as possible, which means less prison time, lower bail amounts, and more. 

You Are an Immigrant: If you are an immigrant, if you are charged with a DWI, you are facing the possible chance of being deported. Legal representation will guarantee that you have a higher chance of avoiding this type of consequence. You might instead plead down to paying a fee or taking part in any kind of civil duty. 

You Had a Child Passenger: If you were charged with a DWI while you had a child in the car, you are facing a felony automatically in most cases, which means legal representation is highly recommended. This is especially the case if it was your own child, which means you are facing charges for felony endangerment. This is especially damaging in situations in which you are in a child custody battle or are a single parent. 

It's Your Third DWI: You also face an automatic felony in most cases once you are charged with your third DWI. In this situation, your DWI attorney can help to prove that it's not actually your third DWI by showing that one of your old ones was actually written off and isn't showing in the system yet or it was found that you weren't guilty either for this third DWI or for one in the past. This helps you avoid more serious charges by ensuring that your DWI does not become a felony charge. 

While these specific situations lead to higher need for legal representation, it doesn't hurt to consult with a DWI attorney even if your situation doesn't fall into any of the above. The consequences of a DWI can be serious, so having a DWI attorney to help you plead down on the charges can definitely help you financially and help you to avoid possible jail time. 


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