Hire a Real Estate Attorney to Appeal Your Property Tax Amount

Posted on: 9 October 2018

When your local municipality calculates your property tax based off the estimated value of your home, you'll commonly just accept this number and pay it in installments throughout the year. However, it's possible that you might dramatically disagree with the property tax amount. Calling your local municipality to complain likely won't get you anywhere, but you shouldn't give up on righting this situation just yet. Instead, talk to a real estate attorney who has had past success representing homeowners who wish to appeal their property tax. Your attorney may be able to successfully get the amount reduced for you, which will help you to keep money in your pocket. Here are some ways that the attorney can build a case for you.

Get an Accurate Estimate

Municipalities will often roughly estimate the value of homes, but they may not always be correct. For example, the estimate doesn't factor in a number of details, and these details may be critical in getting the estimate lowered. Partnering with a real estate agent who is an expert in property values, your attorney will identify the reasons that your estimate is too high. One simple factor might be that the interior of your home is outdated. Decades-old flooring, amenities, and other details can dramatically reduce the value of your home when compared to the homes of your neighbors.

Compare Similar Properties

Your real estate attorney can also launch an investigation on your behalf, again with the help of a local real estate agent, to evaluate your property and home against those that are similar. This is one of the methods that an agent uses to accurately price a house for sale, but it can also be of use when determining the accurate value of a house for the purpose of appealing your property tax. Together, these professionals will put together compelling evidence that supports your belief that you're paying too much in property tax.

Confer with Banking Experts

It may also be necessary for your real estate attorney to confer with one or more banking professionals in your area to talk about the value of your home. Banking professionals are highly skilled in estimating the value of homes and properties, given their involvement with giving mortgages to homeowners.

Once your attorney has explored the above methods, he or she will present an authoritative appeal to the local municipality in an effort to get your property estimate—and thus your tax amount—successfully lowered. For more information, click here.


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