Things To Discuss With Your DUI Attorney

Posted on: 27 August 2020

If you have been charged with a DUI, you will want to work with an attorney. There are a few things you should discuss with them to make their job easier. After all, the easier it is for them to do their job of representing you, the better the outcome of your court case might be. Here are a few things to discuss with your DUI attorney:

What Really Happened

Too many people make the mistake of trying to make the situation look better than it was. If you were drinking or otherwise intoxicated, you will want to be upfront and honest with your attorney. Remember, they are there to help you. They are on your side. You want to explain, in detail, what happened that cause you to drive intoxicated and what happened that caused the police to notice you and pull you over. You do not want your attorney shocked by any surprise evidence given to them in court. You want to help them be prepared for anything that might come out in court so they will have a good game plan on how to handle it.

How You Want To Plead

If you have not yet entered your plea, meaning you have not yet officially claimed your innocence or guilt, you will want to talk with your attorney. If you decide that you want to plead guilty, ask your attorney if this is a good way to get a better punishment that will not mess up your life too much. For example, ask if they suspect you will be found guilty and if so, would it be better to simply plead guilty and try to get community service instead of time behind bars. Your attorney might be able to work out a deal for you.

Whether You Should Seek Treatment

If you believe that you have a problem, you will want to talk to your attorney about seeking help. Your attorney probably knows of a few good places in the local area for you to get the treatment you need. Of course, you want to be available for court, so your attorney can help you set up an official treatment plan that you can show the court. This way, the judge will know that you are acknowledging the need for help and that you have a real plan of action. That can possibly help make the judge go a little easier on you.

If you do not yet have a DUI attorney, you will want to call and schedule a consultation right away.


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