3 Things A Battery Lawyer Does To Defend Their Client

Posted on: 25 March 2022

Handling a battery offense can be complicated for any accused individual. In some cases, the prosecution might even have facts incriminating you even if you didn't commit the crime, making it difficult to win the case. If you're facing such a charge, hiring a battery lawyer is vital. These professionals will cast doubt on the prosecution's case and get the charges reduced or dismissed. Here are three things these attorneys do to defend their clients.

Using Solid Strategies to Create a Strong Defense

The circumstances surrounding battery offenses aren't the same. They vary from case to case and are judged differently. If you're facing these accusations, it's vital to have a solid strategy to win your case.

Lawyers understand the intricacies of battery accusations and know how to develop a strong defense strategy. They may argue that the act was an accident, committed when defending yourself or others, or that both of you were engaged in combat. They may also claim that the victim gave their consent or that you acted to defend your property. If any of these defenses appeal to the judges, there's a high chance you'll get reduced penalties.

Determining How the Battery Occurred 

Knowing the facts of your case can help you make decisions that won't affect you further. Unfortunately, most individuals accused of battery charges get confused and try to answer every question asked by investigators and law enforcement agencies in a bid to get themselves out of the hook. While this may work out in some instances, it may give the prosecution an advantage because they'll find statements to use against you during the trial.

Battery lawyers know how to evaluate how these offenses occurred and can protect you from giving incriminating information. They'll go through witness testimonies, police reports, and health records to determine the magnitude of the injuries caused and find out if there's any evidence that links you directly to the charges. If they discover that there's little evidence supporting your accuser's claim, they'll create a strategy to defend you and win the case.

Helping You With Plea Negotiations

Sometimes the evidence against defendants can be so strong that winning the case through the court may be difficult. In such instances, it's advisable to take a plea in exchange for reduced punishments. Battery lawyers know how to negotiate with prosecutors and judges to get the best bargain for their clients. They'll work out a deal that protects you from serious penalties and allows you to move on with your life.

If you've been accused of physically harming somebody, you should contact a battery lawyer immediately. These professionals specialize in defending such claims and will give you more chances of winning your case and getting lighter punishments.


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